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Superior Genetic Trophy Whitetail Deer & Exotic Animals

Cold Creek Ranch in southeast Texas offers superior genetic whitetail deer breeders, stockers, and exotic animals. Our animals are bred on site at a young age and are cared for by a team of trained breeder buck ranch professionals including Wildlife Biologists. Cold Creek Ranch prides itself on breeding only the very best animals from multiple bloodlines and pedigrees. Whether you’re interested in trophy Texas whitetail deer, breeder bucks and does, stocker bucks and does, elk, black buck, fallow, or axis— we have a wide variety of the animals for you.

Located just 60 miles west of central Houston in Bellville, Texas, Cold Creek Ranch is a convenient site abundant with some of the best whitetail deer and exotic animals in Texas. Established in 2005, Cold Creek Ranch has over 350+ acres of property including 12 acres of lakes plentiful with the highest quality wildlife.

Cold Creek Ranch staff members have spent years researching and practicing the breeding process. The seasoned experience our team has with genetic research and successful breeding techniques has led Cold Creek Ranch to have some of the most beautiful, exquisite animals in the Lone Star State. Our whitetail deer breeders, stocker bucks, and exotic animals are bred and maintained in a habitat conducive to population propagation. We take pride in the flourishing of our superior genetic animals; interminable scientific research and examining varied habitat conditions has led our superior animals to cultivate into what they are today.

If you’re looking to purchase the best bred wildlife in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. There are an exorbitant amount of animals at various Texas ranches, but animals at this breeder bucks ranch stand out from the herd.

To learn more about our whitetail deer and exotic animals, or to set-up an appointment to see our wildlife for sale, contact us today.