Axis For Sale

The treatment of the animals and breeding process make our animals the best in Texas and more superior than any other ranch. The animals are housed in a game fenced property with year-round live running water with protein supplements, corn, and mineral feeds. The animals are fed prime protein, alfalfa, mineral supplements, texture, and natural foliage.

The Cold Creek Ranch staff is involved in everything when it comes to the animals. Daily duties include maintaining water tanks, feeders, and monitoring and caring for the animals. Assessment and maintenance of property, cultivation, and varying habitat conditions is completed daily. Cold Creek Ranch staff members are trained in caring for the animals and are seasoned professionals with many years of experience.


Cold Creek Ranch Axis deer are prominent, beautifully bred animals. Axis are bred on site and are average to above-average sizes. Our Axis come from the most superior bloodlines in Texas and are some of the most unique, trophy Axis in the state. We have an abundant amount for sale.

Transportation is available.


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