Elk For Sale

Our Texas ranch prides itself on having quality elk genetics, and we supply only the best elk in Texas. The Cold Creek Ranch staff is involved in everything when it comes to the animals. Daily duties include maintaining water tanks, feeders, and monitoring and caring for the animals. Assessment and maintenance of property, cultivation, and varying habitat conditions is completed daily. Cold Creek Ranch staff members are trained in caring for the animals and are seasoned professionals with many years of experience.

Starting at $1,500 per cow elk, bull elk are $3,000 plus $100 per antler inch

Cold Creek Ranch trophy elk for sale are among the highest quality. Bred on site, they are above average in size and of the most superior genetics. The breeding process and daily treatment make our superior elk the best in Texas. These animals are housed in a game fenced property with year-round live running water, protein supplements, corn, and mineral feeds, including prime protein, alfalfa, texture, and natural foliage.

We have an abundant amount of elk available for sale. Transportation is available.



We recommend that you contact the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department at 800-792-1112 to arrange for the purchase of your hunting license prior to your arrival at the Ranch. This will enable you to avoid the delay of purchasing a license upon your arrival in Texas. Purchase your license here.


There are several excellent taxidermists in the area, available for trophy mounting or expediting. Information will be provided upon request.